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        Dr.J. Ellora, who has been serving as the Principal of the college since Jun, 2016, is an academician with an impressive track record of scholastic achievements, professional excellence and administrative expertise. Her teaching career spanning for about 36 years ,both in Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels , has given her a unique advantage which entitles her a rare competitive edge with which she attempts to achieve perfection both in academics and administration. Her passion for excellence, her perseverance for the cause of society, and persistence towards promoting quality education especially for sake of women have demonstrated the best of values that she holds dear to her heart.

        Dr.J. Ellora, an erudite scholar herself, has touched upon several areas of research all through her professional life. Besides being a celebrated Professor of Commerce with a glorifying Doctorate degree. This wide variety of interest cutting across different domains has introduced her into the skills, competencies and acumen needed for both academics and administration and that exposure of cross-fertilization of ideas has truly made her a multi-faceted personality.

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