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Maths Department


     To enable the students to have a thorough exposure to the different branches of the Science of Mathematics, so as to grasp a comprehensive knowledge of Mathematics


     To facilitate the students of Mathematics to pursue post graduate studies which in turn offer them job opportunities and research pursuits

     Mathematics department was started in the academic year 2007-08 with 15 students. 4 batches of 125 students have graduated and received their Bachelor’s degrees till date. We are proud to say that , A.W. Katheeja got 12th University rank and in 2012-13 and A.H. Zaithoon Beevi got 13th University rank in 2013-14 in the Manonmanium Sundaranar University Examinations.

Teaching Staff

Mrs. G. Amutha, M.Sc., M.Phil.,        Head of the Department

Miss. A. Sudha, M.Sc., M.Phil.,                  Lecturer

Mrs. J. Maheswari, M.Sc., M.Phil.,          Lecturer

Miss. K. Kalaivani,M.Sc., M.Phil.,             Lecturer

Departmental Activities: Academic year 2012-2013 

Association activities: 

The department has conducted its first meet on” Human Rights and Consumer Rights” with advocates Mr. V.Natesa Adityan and Mr.R.Saravanan being the chief guests on 22-09-2012.

The second association meet was held on 18-12-2012 with Dr. Mrs.R.Kala being the chief guest who gave a lecture on “ Some Achievements and Challenges in Mathematics”.

Science departments together had celebrated International Science Day on 28-02-2013 with Dr.M.Balakumar from P.S.N.College of Engineering, Palamkottai at the Chair. Students presented product launching and poster presentation.

Educational Tour: 

Students went on an educational tour to Trivandrum on 20-10-2012 accompanied by 3 staff members.

The same set of final year students visited the Science Centre, Tirunelveli on 09-02-2013.

External Academic activities:

12-02-2013 : M.M. Mariyam and J.Jothilingam of III B.Sc Mathematics along with J.S. Zubaidha Mafaza of II Mathematics participated in the quiz competition held at M.S University, Tirunelveli .

14-02-2013: M.M. Mariyam of III Maths and Zubaidha Mafaza of II Maths participated in the quiz competition held in St. Mary” college, Tuticorin.

Prizes bagged: Among the 4 students of II Maths, Fathima Nazrin, S.A.Marasuka , S.A.M.Fathima Shakira and J.Infina.V.Rayal, Fathima Nazrin of II Maths got-- III Prize in Poster presentation.

V.B.M. Amina Zulfa and M.A.C. Hameedha Mufeedha participated in the paper presentation held at St. Mary’s college, Tuticorin.

16-02-2013: M.M. Mariyam and J. Jothilingam of III B.Sc Mathematics, S.A.M. Sakira and M.V. Vijayalakshmi of II Maths participated in the quiz competition held at Kamaraj college, Tuticorin.

    S.Arul Jothi and Y. Ahamed Barakath of III Maths participated in the Model competition held at Kamaraj college, Tuticorin.

28-02-2013: S. Leelavathi , M.V. Vijayakashmi and R.Jeyanthi of II Maths participated in one day workshop on “Developing the Learning Skill in Mathematics” for II UG Mathematics at Aditanar College of Arts & Science Tiruchendur.

Poster presentation: 

1.   F.Fahmidha Sheerin and K.S.L.Amina Mushrafa—I Prize

2.    P.Shobana & M.A.K.J.Amina Ummal—II Prize 

3.    M.I.FathimaFaseeha and V.B.M.Amina Zulfa—III Prize 

Staff Activities:

Mrs. G.Amudha, H.O.D attended an intercollegiate seminar on “Women and Empowerment” on 10-08-2012 at Bishop Caldwell College at Tuticorin.

Mrs. G.Amudha , H.O.D attended a workshop on the “ Problem Solving for PG Mathematics” on 16-02-13 at Aditanar college of Arts & Science , Tiruchendur.

 Mrs.S.Rajalakshmi, Lecturer in Maths attended a National level Seminar on “ Ramanujan-the Legend of Infinity” on 14-02- 2013 at St. Mary’s college, Tuticorin.

Academic year: 2013-14

 Association activities:

 Dr. M.Velrajan, Head , Department of Mathematics, Aditanar college of Arts & Science, Tiruchendur lectured on the topic “ Group Theory” on 14th August 2013.

Mrs. G.Ramalakshmi, Associate Professor of Mathematics lectured on “Graph Theory” on 28-9-13.Competitions were held on mathematical models and poster presentations on the same day with Dr. Mrs.V.Sasikala, Principal, and Mrs. G.Ramalakshmi, the judges for the competitions. 3 Prizes were awarded for models:

*    V.B.M.Ameena Zulfa and M.I.Fathima Faseeha--- I Prize

*    N.Katheeja Nusratth Fahima and M.N.Katheeja--- II Prize

*    A.Sithi Hajara and S.A.Marusala---III Prize.

In Poster presentation,

 F.Fahmidha Sheerin and K.S.L.Amina Mushrafa—I Prize

P.Shobana & M.A.K.J.Amina Ummal—II Prize

M.I.FathimaFaseeha and V.B.M.Amina Zulfa—III Prize

 The department conducted a one day State level Seminar on ”The Latest Development in Mathematics “ on 27-01—2014 with the following resource persons.

Dr. P.Thangavelu, Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics,Karunya University, Coimbatore.

Dr. M.Murugalingam, Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics, TThiruvalluvar college, Papanasam.

Dr.K.Kalidass, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, V.V.College of Engineering, Tisayanvillai.

University Laurels:

Name Rank Year
A.W.Katheeja 12 2009 - 2012
A.H.Zaithoon Beevi 13 2010 - 2013
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