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‘A Home away from Home’

  The college management offers hostel facilities to the interested students in a temporary building at Kayalpatnam. This temporary arrangement is only until the full-fledged hostel building is constructed. The temporary hostel facility provides all that is required for a decent living and safety. The hostel is supervised by a Deputy Warden under the guidance of the Principal. The hostel offers nutritious food including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffs. Mess charges are fixed on the basis of dividing system. The hostel is run by the management on no-profit and no-loss basis. Students who are interested to avail hostel facility are required to submit the filled in application duly signed by the principal.

The admission to hostel and procedure to obtain hostel facility are governed by the following:

1. Receive the prescribed application from the office, provide the details, obtain signature from the Principal and submit the same at the office.

2. Then the student should meet the deputy warden for necessary follow up. Upon the confirmation of admission the following fees have to be paid:

S.No Particulars Amount
1. Admission Fees Rs. 100
2. Miscellaneous Rs. 100
3. Caution Deposit Rs. 1000
4. Establishment and mess fees Rs. 2500

3. Caution deposit will be adjusted towards boarding charges/ or any other dues there be and the balance, if any , shall be refunded.

4. Mess fees have to be paid on or before 15th of every month. Late payment entails fine of Rs.10/- per day.

5. Hostel inmates are expected to adhere to the following rules and regulations in order to preserve conducive and peaceful environment.

1. Rooms shall be kept neat and clean

2. Any damage to the property shall attract either individual or common fine as the case may be.

3. Study hours : 7 AM- 8 AM , 6. PM- 7 PM and 8.30 PM – 9.30 PM

    Wake up : 5 AM

    Lights off : 9.45 PM

    Breakfast : 8 AM- 9.AM

    Lunch : 1.20 PM – 2.00 PM

    Supper : 7.30 PM – 8.30 PM

On Sundays the students are permitted to have liberal study schedule. Deputy Warden may arrange a variety of programs such as meetings or any other event to engage the students in a recreational manner.

4. Arrangements have been made to offer prayers at appropriate times.

5. Students are not prohibited from moving around during study hours.

6. Coffee/tea will be supplied twice a day. Food will be served only in the Dining Hall.

7. Ragging is strictly prohibited. In the event of any report of ragging, appropriate actions will be initiated as per the provisions of law.

8. The students are not expected to have cash or any other valuables with them during their stay in the hostel and they are wholly responsible for their belongings. In case of any loss, then the management should not be held accountable for that.

9. Only the parents/guardians are permitted to meet their wards with the permission of the Deputy Warden. All the letters to the inmates are subject to perusal by the deputy warden. Visiting Hours- 8 AM- 9 AM and 5 PM – 6 PM. Phone calls unless otherwise essential should be avoided.

10. Students should avoid bringing guests to the hostel.

11. Students who wish to go home should obtain prior permission from the principal. They are not allowed to leave the hostel alone except when they are accompanied by their parents or guardian.

12. Students are expected to vacate the hostel by 5 PM, when semester or other long vacation is declared and they are permitted to return to the hostel on the day or a day before the re-opening day/ or when the university examinations commence.

13. Mess will be closed during the vacation period which exceeds two days and discount at the rate decided by the warden will be provided.

14. Recreational facilities and reading room will be of immense use for relaxation and gaining knowledge and the students are required to take due care and diligence while using such facilities.

15. Students are not permitted to have a cell phone inside the hotel or college. However, students are allowed to communicate with their parents/guardians with the permission of the warden.

16. Students are advised to power off lights and fans when it is not being used.

17. Misconduct or breach of rules renders the offender liable to fine, suspension, and dismissal both from the hostel and college.

18. In case of Sickness and emergency, the inmates can contact the deputy warden and arrangements will be made to take them to hospital immediately.

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