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Founder’s Message

                                                         Our Founder Alhaj. Wavoo S. Seyed Abdur Rahman


Education is a continual process through with inquisitive spirit is promoted, creativity is instilled, tolerance is cultivated, respect for labor is encouraged and productive workforce is developed. The meaning that education brings to life is remarkable and through which an individual contributes and belongs to the society that she is part of. Education heralds a bright future for a society. It brings hope to the desolate, confidence to the faltering, strength to the innervated and sunshine to the lives of those who wish for sunnier tomorrows

Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s College was started with a noble objective to providing world class quality education to the women, especially those who hail from rural background, in order to make them morally upright, spiritually sound, socially responsible, culturally sensitive, economically empowered and technically skilled.

Women’s empowerment is crucial to the development of the nation. Every educated woman at home becomes a role model for the generation of her family to look up to for inspiration and values. This is the spirit which inspired me to proceed in the direction of contributing to the cause of women empowerment and particularly the development of Muslim women in our locality, who for the reasons connected to the denial of quality education, are largely socially, financially and educationally backward. We strive hard to ensure that this unprivileged section of the society is educationally empowered through engaging them in meaningful activities which promote different levels of understanding and skills such as scientific, humanistic, artistic, mathematical, historical and aesthetic, and help them have experiments with new ideas by transcending the limitations of time and space.

 I wish you all the best.

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