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                                                                    Department of Commerce

To promote systematic and holistic commerce education for developing skilled man power, who can add value to the economic resource of the society, strengthen trade, commerce and industry and there by the civil society.


To build strong man power with necessary business and technical skills for promoting banking, auditing, entrepreneurial activities and to produce professionals to promote the best business practices on contemporary issues in the business world.


                  Wavoo Wajeeha Women’s college of Arts and Science started the Dept of Commerce in 2006. and P.G programme was introduced in 2010.

                 In the year 2006 there were only 2 faculty members and now it has increased to 8 who are leading the Commerce Department.

                 A degree in commerce is much sought after by the learning community.This course will serve as a foot stool while pursuing the higher studies like Mcom., C.A, ICWA, M.B.A Since the course carries practical methods of maintaining accounts the students are much benefited in their career.

                We assure, the students of under-graduate and post-graduate course in commerce will find a useful and profitable career in future.

                 From 2008 choice based credit system was introduced where in students have the option of choosing from a wide variety of course offered by the parent and other departments, as slipulated by the University.

Programmes Offered:

              The department offers a B Com and Mcom degree Programme.

Eligibility for Bcom:

             A pass in higher secondary or its equivalent.  

Eligibility for Mcom:

             A pass in Bcom, BA (corporate secretary ship); BBA; B. Com, (Bank management), BA (co-op); BA (Indus-org) or B. Com (CA).


The academic programme for the U.G course has the following objectives.

*    To develop the language skills among the students.

*    To sensitise the students to the social realities around them with the vision of making them responsible citizens.

*    To develop the personality of the students and help them realize the potentialty.

*    To develop the indepth knowledge in the selected area of their study to broaden the outlook of the student through inter disciplinary approaches.


           The M.Com Degree shall be second degree building on the base provided at the B. Com degree level. It provides an opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge in the subject.

*    To equip and to train, post graduate students to accept the challenges of the 21st century.   

*    To study and to understand the new industrial and commercial culture.

*    To make the students aware of acquiring the knowledge in specialised subjects. 

*    To understand and to measure current events, developing independent, logical thinking & to train towards personality development

*    To equip the students with suitable employment and entrepreneurship ability.

Accountable Advisors(Faclty)

1. Mrs. L.R. Subha M. Com., M.Phil., M.B.A                  Assistant Professor and Head       

2. Mrs. A. Ayisha, M.Com., M.Phil.,                                 Assistant Professor

3. Miss.C. Muthulakshmi, M.Com., M.Phil.,                   Assistant Professor

4. Miss. I. Malini, M.Com., M.Phil.,                                  Assistant Professor

5. Miss. S. Selvasanthi, M.Com., M.Phil.,                        Assistant Professor

6. Miss. M. Rajalakshmi, M.Com.,M.Phil.,                      Assistant Professor

7. Miss. S. Jeya Ratna, M.Com., M.Phil.,                         Assistant Professor

8. Miss. R. Thangarani M.Com., M.Phil., SET.,               Assistant Professor

Students Strength:  

          The department currently has 191 students in the UG and PG degree Programmes.


One Industrial visit organised by the Commerce Department per semester, accompanied by two staff regularly for final year B. Com & M. Com students. 

The Commerce department organizes business fair combained with B.B,A and Economics Departments. 

Students participation at the inter collegiate level in  paper presentation/seminar/cultural programmes. 

Staff participation in paper presentation / work shops / seminars.

The Commerce association organizes special Lectures, Quiz, Ad-mad, Paper Presentation, Product Launching and other competitions, periodically in all the Semesters.

UG Result:     

Year Students Strength Pass Percentage Rank holder at the University Level
2006-09 43 100% -
2007-10 37 100% 20th rank N.M.A Ahmed Fathima
2008-11 51 98% 3rd and 7th rank K.M.L Fathima Shereen Farhath,
S.M. Fathima Farhana
2009-12 40 88% S.M. Fathima Farhana

PG Result:

         I Batch of PG students got 100% result.

Future Plan:  

To obtain research recognition for the department.

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